by Dave Freeman

A Bed Full of Foreigners, by Dave Freeman, is all about the antics of two English couples on holiday in France. Unfortunately they have hit upon the Festival of Saint Wolfgang, so the Hotel Heinz is the only hotel that is not full. That in itself should have been enough to warn them, but a hotel room is a hotel room. The manager is an expatriate German and the head porter a middle-European former French Foreign Legionary, and it all begins when Stanley and Brenda are booked by the manager into the last available room, whilst shortly afterwards the same room is let by the head porter to Claude. Claude, however, is expecting not his wife, Helga, but his, er . . . very good friend Simone, a French night-club dancer. Needless to say, Helga turns up anyway, and the resulting complications involving an (unseen) Bulgarian lady cyclist, a sticking wardrobe door and the ritual burning of Saint Wolfgang, leave Stanley wishing they had gone to Skegness!

PRODUCTION DATES: 30th July - 3rd August 2002

DIRECTOR: Geoff Banwell

cast The Cast

KARKAK - Richard Fawcett

HEINZ - Caine Foulkes-Miller

BRENDA PARKER - Melanie Foulkes-Miller

STANLEY PARKER - Micheal Fouldes

HELGA PHILBY - Corina Breukel

CLAUDE PHILBY - Geoff Banwell (replacing Peter Angel who was unwell)

SIMONE - Hayley Nunn

CaineCorinaGeoffHayleyMelanieMichaelRichard Fawcett